What is a Free Introductory Hypnotherapy Session?

This is something that we offer to all new clients as a great 'first meeting' and informative session for you to get to know us and vice versa, particularly if you're someone who is sceptical/worried/scared about hypnosis or you simply want an idea of how hypnotherapy can help, if hypnotherapy is for you and it's completely obligation-free.
The session will go for 60mins and involves having a face to face chat with our hypnotherapist, Matt - about what problems/troubles you're having, you can ask questions, he will ask you questions, he explains how hypnosis works, what's involved, what's required of you and if time permits he will help you to enter a hypnotic state so you can get a feel for what it's like.
We're all about the bigger picture and treating the underlying cause, not just the symptom. This session is important for both yourself and Matt to get fully informed, therefore he can tailor and quote a treatment plan to suit appropriately based on you and your individual needs, requirements, existing habits, triggers, trauma's etc. This quote will include number of sessions and a cost.

Will the hypnotherapist have control over me whilst I'm hypnotised?
You are in control at all times and the hypnotist is directing you to assist you in making the changes you desire.

Can someone get stuck in hypnosis? 
No you can not. It is a natural state which most people enter into many times a day without realising it. If the hypnotist left the room while you were in a hypnotic trance state you would simply come out of the hypnotic trance in approximately 5 minutes or drift into sleep then wake up when you were ready.

Can I be hypnotised?
Everyone can enter into a hypnotic trance state.  When someone tells me they can not be hypnotised I always grab their arm and check for a pulse. If you have a pulse you can be assisted to enter a hypnotic trance!

How deep into a hypnotic trance will I go?
It varies person to person. Some people go very deeply into trance on the first session. Others only achieve a light state of trance on the first session, then on the second session because they know what is happening, they let go and achieve a deep level of trance. Most people report being able to go deeper with each successive session. All levels of trance from light to very deep bypass the critical factor and are effective to make the changes you desire.

What does being in a hypnotic trance feel like?
Have you ever woken up in the morning not sure if you are awake or if your dreaming and you feel like you couldn't move your body even if you tried?  That's the most common explanation I hear from clients. They tell me they felt so relaxed and their  muscles felt heavy with an overall calmness many have never experienced before.


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