Fears and Phobias

Fears & ​Phobias

Helping Hand Hypnotherapy - Fear & Phobia Release Program Testimonial

​​​​​We are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, all other fears are often a response to traumatic experiences that we accumulate through our lifetime.

Phobias can also be caused by an event/experience in the past.

Both of these are the easiest problems to address!

The most common fears and phobias we help address with hypnotherapy are:

  • Flying/Planes
  • Heights
  • Spiders/snakes
  • Enclosed spaces eg. Lifts. 

We have even helped a client who was petrified of puppies!* 

What you receive:

  • A contract. Where you enter into a contract to follow the steps required to complete the program
  • 3 x 1 Hour Hypnotherapy sessions.
  • 1 x recorded Hypnosis 'Lock-in' Audio on Cd/USB/loaded onto your mobile. This is listened to in between your sessions to enhance the sessions and lock in all the suggestions done during the sessions.

"I was recently nominated for a business award that required presenting a 10 minute verbal presentation to a judging panel. At first thought of this I felt my stomach do back flips, I had sweaty palms, overwhelming thoughts of self doubt and just an overall rush of panic and nausea. ( The usual for me with public speaking) . That night I was distracting myself and scrolling through Instagram to see a post by Helping Hand Hypnotherapy about Public speaking pop up, instantly grabbed my attention. Matt and Aleisha are fantastic. I completed a 3 session program that following week and well long story short I not only won the award of 2018 Cairns Small Business Woman of the Year but delivered an acceptance speech to over 250 people with some on the spot jokes thrown in cause I felt so calm and collected. I honestly can't thank Matt enough for changing my life not only in that area but many others too. Look forward to seeing you again."
Bri (Client completed our Fears/Phobias Program)

In my early days of Hypnotherapy I used to do house-calls. This client lived at Yorkey's Knob and I was there to help her address her fear of flying. While working with her I could hear the planes flying over, so I used this to program her that every time she heard a plane flying over she would get more and more excited about her upcoming trip.

"I have had a fear of flying for over 20yrs due to a incident of turbulence on a flight. I had seen a psychologist and nothing had changed. When I tried to board a plane, I would drop into the foetal position/cry and wouldn't be able to move. I hadn't been to any of my workplace yearly conferences overseas as I just couldn't get on the plane, my boss told me my job was in jeopardy if I didn't go this time. I heard about Matt through a mutual friend and booked a session. He came to my house and worked with me to remove the traumatic incident, he also programmed me to get excited about my trip every time I heard a plane fly over. One month later I'm in London and I rang Matt to tell him how successful it was and how I just booked a flight to Paris because I am now so comfortable and happy to fly! I flew easily without any hint of the stress and anxiety, I'm over the moon about how well this worked, I now have a list of places to visit and I'm ecstatic about my future of travel! Thankyou so much Matt!"


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and success is dependant on client compliance.

Helping Hand Hypnotherapy - Fear & Phobia Release Program