Stress and Anxiety Relief

'A Calmer You' ​​Stress, Anxiety & Relaxation Program

Helping Hand Hypnotherapy - Stress & Anxiety Relief Testimonial
Helping Hand Hypnotherapy - Stress & Anxiety Relief Program

There are many types of stress, the most common is:

  • From past events not properly dealt with, so your subconscious mind keeps reminding you of the event/events over and over again hoping you will take action and deal with it, or
  • Worrying about the future, eg. money, bills, your job

...there are many more, too many to list!

If you are stressed, anxious or uptight people might tell you to just relax, the only problem is that no one has ever taught you how to relax! For most people relaxing is what they do on their holidays once a year (if they are lucky).


After a client is helped to enter a hypnotic state they almost always report to me that "they have never felt so relaxed and how their mind didn't have any thoughts it was just clear and free". This is a natural feeling/response in the hypnotic state and it can be taught during a hypnotherapy session.

How does it work?

Once you have been assisted into the hypnotic state we anchor it to a trigger (the trigger can be just about anything), most of the time we use touching your finger and thumb together. After some practice, just touching your finger and thumb together causes your mind to enter the trance state automatically, resulting in the lovely relaxed feeling. Relaxation at your finger tips!

At Helping Hand Hypnotherapy we take the time to install and teach this to every client who wants it, as we believe the ability to relax and access stress and anxiety relief anywhere, anytime is an amazing skill to have. 

If you over worry, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool. By changing the way you look and deal with events (past, current, future or perceived), helps relieve your feeling towards them.*

What you receive:

  • A contract. Where you enter into a contract to follow the steps required to complete the program
  • 3 x 1 Hour Hypnotherapy sessions.
  • 1 x recorded Hypnosis 'Lock-in' Audio on Cd/USB/loaded onto your mobile. This is listened to in between your sessions to enhance the sessions and lock in all the suggestions done during the sessions.


"My daughter has been kidnapped by her father in the past and even though she’d returned to me and she is now safe, she continued to suffer from anxiety and severe nightmares, causing an increase of her fears during daytime and reluctance to go to sleep at night time. She had had weekly counselling for the past six months, I bought an ‘Angel teddy’ for her and payed for a consult with an overseas ‘nightmare specialist’, however, no intervention could stop her nightmares.
I was tipped to go to a ‘hypnotherapist’ and found Matt on the net. I was a bit reluctant, as he was a man and I wasn’t sure if my daughter would rapport to him. But the first session I could stay in the same room with her, which made her feel safe. Matt videotapes all his sessions for security reasons as well as having his team member Aleisha there at the counter.
After the first session, my daughter was able to sleep again before 10pm, in her own bed instead of mine. Two days later, after the second session, she no longer suffered from the nightmares and reported to have had a ‘good night of sleep’. In the third session she reported to me she was able to deeply relax and afterwards she started working on a ‘happy diary’. She still feels anxious now and then, but her overall wellbeing has improved so much in just a week time and three treatments, it’s amazing. And the best thing is: no more nightmares. ‘Helping Hand’ supported the increasement of wellbeing and happiness of my eleven-year-old daughter for which I am very grateful."

Alice (Client's daughter completed our "A Calmer You" Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation Program)

"I have had anxiety issues for some time for no reason I could work out and also what I would call ‘flashbacks’ of things that had upset me in the past – one from when I was very young. Another problem I had was disturbed sleep where I would wake up in the middle of the night and my mind would not stop going round and round.
Luckily, I found Helping Hand Hypnotherapy and Matt, and in only three sessions he has changed my life for the better – after the first session the huge weight I had been mentally carrying around disappeared and I felt lighter and happier.  In the second session we tackled my ‘flashbacks’ and they also are no more.  The third session was a ‘fine tuning’ of everything and a ‘wash up’ of the few remaining issues. I was surprised at how gentle and easy it was, in the past doing other therapies I always left feeling tired and upset but at the end of each session with Matt I felt energized and deeply happy.
Other great additional things from Matt was that he gave me a track he made which Aleisha kindly loaded onto my phone to listen to and techniques for me to practice to ensure that I can maintain my calm and anxiety free life in the future and do not depend on him, though I know he is always there if I need his assistance."


"I would like everybody to know about Helping Hand Hypnotherapy.
Matt and Aleisha are very kind people, Matt is an easy going and calm professional who helped me clear my negative thinking, the pain of loss of my mum and dad and also everyday stress. I have been carrying these for far too long and they were stopping me from living a happy life.
Matt helped me into a very relaxed state and my troubles were erased and now I am at peace !
Do not suffer, do not hold on to pain or get stuck in life when there is help like this at hand ! Thank you Matt and Aleisha. I will never forget what you have done for me.

Kindest regards"


"Honestly, I didn't think I would write a review about hypnotherapy - ever. When I met Matt in our wonderful networking group Tradingmate, I thought to myself "nope not for me. No way will I even try the free intro."
Yet I heard wonderful things and how people overcame anxiety, trauma, addictions, you name it. I started to be curious as I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and I couldn't really figure out why. In the end, I did the free intro and then signed up to do 3 sessions.
I felt so comfortable and all my fear of someone else being in my head or in control were unfounded. After the first session, I didn't really feel much different and I was wondering if it was the right decision. However, the second session blew me away. It is hard to describe how I felt - a mixture of freedom, joy, grace and lightness with a pinch of excitement. You know when you are a little kid and something new is happening? Kinda that feeling because you walk out as a new person somehow. The emotional strings from the past are not there anymore, the memories yes but not the strings that seem to hold you back.
Seriously, try it."


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and success is dependant on client compliance.