Helping Hand Hypnotherapy - Study Habits & Exam Stress Program Testimonial

Learning and Memory

Study Habits & Exam Stress Hypnotherapy for Study Habits and Exam Stress in Cairns 

Helping Hand Hypnotherapy - Study Habits & Exam Stress Program

Most people experience a great deal of stress and anxiety leading up to exams or tests, even from up to weeks out from the event. This can greatly impact on the effectiveness of information retention, memory and therefore the ability to recall when critically needed most; in the exam itself. When a person is in a state of stress and anxiousness, the brain operates in the brainwave state of Beta. In Beta, the memory doesn't work well...if at all. In a relaxed and calm state, you will be in Alpha. This is where wonderous things happen; your mind functions well and your memory and recall is awesome! In order to get the brain to gradually change brainwave states from Beta, down to Alpha, Theta and even Delta, the process of self-trance has to be learnt.

This is where we come in.

In this program, we use hypnotherapy to work with your subconscious mind to end procrastination, ensure your learning and memory is sharp, you have incredible focus, that all the information you have read is filed away ready for when you need it and any stress or anxiety that you previously felt just melts away and you remain calm and relaxed. All of these things can be accessed easily and quickly with the simple activation of a trigger we set up with your subconscious mind, usually touching your finger and thumb together.*

What you receive:

  • A contract. Where you enter into a contract to follow the steps required to complete the program
  • 3 x 1 Hour Hypnotherapy sessions.
  • 1 x recorded Hypnosis 'Lock-in' Audio on Cd/USB/loaded onto your mobile. This is listened to in between your sessions to enhance the sessions and lock in all the suggestions done during the sessions.

​​Helping people and getting such positive feedback from them, makes us proud to do what we do! 

"A friend recommended me to Helping Hand Hypnotherapy as I failed my final exam and due to special circumstances the University allowed me to re-sit the exam. I saw Matt and we did Hypnotherapy, covering staying calm and relaxed in exams, memory and recall, study habits and stress and anxiety. I only had time for 2 sessions before my exam and I was blown away by the results! I went from failing to a High Distinction! I couldn't be happier, Matt exceeded all my expectations and I highly recommend his Program and services."


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and success is dependant on client compliance.