The following are testimonies from past clients, they have all given their permission to have it published here and have either requested to remain anonymous, their name changed or are happy to have their name mentioned.

It brings us so much joy to help people achieve their goals and push through barriers! Here's a treasured review from one of our valued Weight Loss clients (name witheld for privacy reasons)
"Over the years I tried every diet you can think of, it would work for a while but as soon as I stopped I put the weight back on...plus some. I felt like a failure, I would then beat myself up over it in my head and move onto the next one, trying to convince myself that "this one would work". I was spending thousands of dollars and spiralling into depression, I felt like a yo-yo on ground-hog day, back and forth but not moving forward. Then I found Matt, with his background in health and fitness he was an obvious choice. I was sceptical but after all my diet failures I was desperate to try a different approach. On my first visit Matt made me feel very comfortable and safe. After the session I felt like a burden had lifted from my shoulders and I had new-found positivity and motivation I had never experienced before...now 3 months and 6 hypnotherapy sessions later I've shed over 15kg's and it's still coming off until I reach my goal weight which he's hypnotically suggested for me to maintain healthily and consistently. The best part is I'm not on a diet, I have made lifestyle changes and I now make better food choices. I'm exercising regularly and loving it, have so much energy and I'm so positive about life and my future. Thank you so much Matt...you and hypnotherapy are amazing!" (Client chose to remain anonymous, completed our "Uncover The Real You" Weight Shedding Gold VIP Program).

"I'm so very grateful you have both come into my life! I cannot give you enough praise! 
• People who have only known me since the start of my business journey have commented how much I've grown in the short time they've known me. I strongly believe this is a reflection of your program! 
• My goals aren't just "dreams" - they're happening, and I believe it's because of the program setting me up for success
• I no longer NEED to sleep 8+ hours - and I now wake up REFRESHED. I used to be able to sleep 12-15 hours PER NIGHT and would wake up exhausted. At the start, I kept my normal bed time of 8pm, and would wake up at 1-2am because I was actually rested enough and didn't need to sleep to heal anymore, because the "toxic inflammatory death crap" wasn't in my system! So I'd go to the gym at 3am - never would've thought that I'd be at the gym at 3am! (Or at all!)
• My self confidence (including public speaking!) has exploded the roof off what I thought I was capable of! 6 months ago I would have run out of a room if you asked me to speak!
• My resting heart rate (tracked) has gone from 110-120bpm average, down to 70-79bpm average. My waking heart rate has gone from 79-85bpm average, to as low as 59-65bpm average. I have reports on my fitness tracker and wouldn't believe the results if they aren't in front of my eyes!
There's literally too many areas in my life to express how much you have helped me! Health, confidence, weight, stress and anxiety, PTSD triggers, goal setting, business and personal development... you get the picture, and I'm now rambling. From the bottom of my heart - thank you doesn't feel like it's enough, but THANK YOU Helping Hand Hypnotherapy"

Malinda Armodie (Client completed our "Uncover The Real You" Weight Shedding Gold VIP Program and Goal Setting Program).

I love the work of the team at Helping Hand Hypnotherapy. The sessions, ‘homework’ support materials and recipes really helped me to stay on track and to lose 15 kg over 7 months. I feel so much better physically and have clearer, calmer thinking. I had tried using ‘willpower’ over the years but it wasn’t effective for long term weight loss and calmer thinking – the subconscious approach through hypnotherapy really worked for me. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone wanting to lose weight, reduce inflammation, cope with stress and increase their ability to find a better work/life balance – to use Helping Hand.

(Client chose to remain anonymous, completed our "Uncover The Real You" Weight Shedding Gold VIP Program and Goal Setting Program).

"Hi Matt and Aleisha
I just needed to express my profound gratitude to you both, for the impact you have had in steering me toward a more healthy life, and giving me the skills to give it my best shot!
Matt, you are extremely gifted, and very good at what you do, and you do it well !  
Aleisha, the support and compassion you offer, with strength and grace, is also gratefully acknowledged!
I look forward to using the wonderful gift of trance, on a daily basis, to become the best that I can be!
Matt, I hope that you didn’t feel that my hug today was inappropriate! It is how I always show my gratitude! I should have asked your permission first!
Thankyou both for coming into my life at exactly the right moment!
I will see you in a month. 

Deb (Client completed our "Uncover The Real You" Weight Shedding Gold VIP Program and Goal Setting Program).

"I stumbled across Matt quite by chance one morning as her dropped his daughter off at school. I just happened to ask him what did he do for a crust - but his response was not about his job, it was about his passion and drive to change the world one person at a time. What transpired next was a very interesting conversation that deeply resonated within me and inspired me to do something about my personal mental health. I wanted to change my outlook on life - how I felt I was always focusing on the negative things. I wanted to start attracting better things into my life. I wanted to clean up and sort out my deep internal thought patterns and how I felt about myself. I wanted to speak to that little person who sits on my shoulder everyday and puts me down, tells me I'm no good at 'this' or that I'm not worthy of 'that'. And that is exactly what has happened. In just 2 short months I am feeling great, inadvertently lost weight, achieving goals and have finally attracted a good decent partner who treats me so well (instead of people who just need me to rescue them). I can honestly say my life has changed so much since my sessions with Matt. I'm so thankful we met but more importantly, I'm so relieved I met a person with such passion and determination. I'm also very grateful I had the opportunity to invest in me for once - it's not something we often do. Matt restored my belief in myself. I'm not sure how to calculate a value on this, but for me, it feels priceless. Hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks Matt"

Simone Wilson (Client completed our "Empowering Women Program")

"Today I want to give a shout out and massive gratitude to Matthew @ Helping Hand Hypnotherapy
Yesterday Matt hypnotised me and gave me the ability to put myself into a trance at any given time.
I have to be honest and to say I was skeptical would be an understatement. However, after meeting with Matt, I felt comfortable and confident enough to give it a go.
I was incredibly nervous as the process started, but I put my trust in Matt. I’m so pleased I did. I felt incredible immediately after my session. My second hurdle was to trust I could put myself into a trance state; to calm my mind and focus on what I needed to do. To my surprise, it worked! I had the best night sleep in FOREVER and I’ve woken feeling refreshed. This is something I’ve not experienced in over EIGHT years!
If you are the slightest bit curious and want to learn more I encourage you to take a leap of faith and contact Matt today.
It’s the most incredible experience."

Natalie (Client completed our "Sleep/Insomnia" Program)

"I have suffered from insomnia on and off for years. I have seen psychologists and tried various psychotherapy approaches (psychoanalysis, CBT, EMDR and hypnosis) with varying success, but nothing worked for long - sometimes, not at all!  Needless to say I was frustrated. I am pleased to say Matt's three hypnotherapy sessions have given me both the results I was looking for and techniques that I can continue to apply for the rest of my life. I always knew the answers lie within me, but accessing the solution has been all but impossible for me, until now. I can now find a deep level of relaxation quickly and reliably. I now meditate daily (it never felt right before). And I sleep! Thanks Matt"
Paul (Client completed our "Sleep/Insomnia Program)

Sue* came to us with sleep issues, very light sleeper, partner's loud snoring had him moved into the spare room and snoring still woke Sue* up. Over two hypnotherapy sessions we added suggestions to help Sue* sleep deeper and to wake up at her delegated time feeling energised and refreshed. We also, through suggestion, removed her partners snoring so she couldn't hear it. She had dark shadows and bags under her eyes from broken/lack of sleep. I saw her two weeks after sessions and dark shadows and bags under her eyes were gone and she told me people had commented on how she looked younger/healthier.
"Hi Matt,
Just a quick note to let you know how well the hypnosis we did last week has worked.
At first I was unsure of how clinical hypnotherapy could help me but since Karen had recommended you I thought i would give it a go. Wow.... I am now sleeping right through the night and waking up refreshed. I now let my partner sleep in the same bed as me and his terrible snoring no longer wakes me up.
Thanks so much. This has made such a difference to my life and relationship."

(Client completed our "Sleep/Insomnia Program)

"I was recently nominated for a business award that required presenting a 10 minute verbal presentation to a judging panel. At first thought of this I felt my stomach do back flips, I had sweaty palms, overwhelming thoughts of self doubt and just an overall rush of panic and nausea. ( The usual for me with public speaking) . That night I was distracting myself and scrolling through Instagram to see a post by Helping Hand Hypnotherapy about Public speaking pop up, instantly grabbed my attention. Matt and Aleisha are fantastic. I completed a 3 session program that following week and well long story short I not only won the award of 2018 Cairns Small Business Woman of the Year but delivered an acceptance speech to over 250 people with some on the spot jokes thrown in cause I felt so calm and collected. I honestly can't thank Matt enough for changing my life not only in that area but many others too. Look forward to seeing you again."

Bri (Client completed our Fears/Phobias Program)

In my early days of Hypnotherapy I used to do house-calls. This client lived at Yorkey's Knob and I was there to help her address her fear of flying. While working with her I could hear the planes flying over, so I used this to program her that every time she heard a plane flying over she would get more and more excited about her upcoming trip.
"I have had a fear of flying for over 20yrs due to a incident of turbulence on a flight. I had seen a psychologist and nothing had changed. When I tried to board a plane, I would drop into the foetal position/cry and wouldn't be able to move. I hadn't been to any of my workplace yearly conferences overseas as I just couldn't get on the plane, my boss told me my job was in jeopardy if I didn't go this time. I heard about Matt through a mutual friend and booked a session. He came to my house and worked with me to remove the traumatic incident, he also programmed me to get excited about my trip every time I heard a plane fly over. One month later I'm in London and I rang Matt to tell him how successful it was and how I just booked a flight to Paris because I am now so comfortable and happy to fly! I flew easily without any hint of the stress and anxiety, I'm over the moon about how well this worked, I now have a list of places to visit and I'm ecstatic about my future of travel! Thankyou so much Matt!"
Mel (Client completed our Fears/Phobias Program)

"I have had anxiety issues for some time for no reason I could work out and also what I would call ‘flashbacks’ of things that had upset me in the past – one from when I was very young. Another problem I had was disturbed sleep where I would wake up in the middle of the night and my mind would not stop going round and round.
Luckily, I found Helping Hand Hypnotherapy and Matt, and in only three sessions he has changed my life for the better – after the first session the huge weight I had been mentally carrying around disappeared and I felt lighter and happier. In the second session we tackled my ‘flashbacks’ and they also are no more. The third session was a ‘fine tuning’ of everything and a ‘wash up’ of the few remaining issues. I was surprised at how gentle and easy it was, in the past doing other therapies I always left feeling tired and upset but at the end of each session with Matt I felt energized and deeply happy. Other great additional things from Matt was that he gave me a track he made which Aleisha kindly loaded onto my phone to listen to and techniques for me to practice to ensure that I can maintain my calm and anxiety free life in the future and do not depend on him, though I know he is always there if I need his assistance."

Amanda (Client completed our "A Calmer You" Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation Program)

"I would like everybody to know about Helping Hand Hypnotherapy.
Matt and Aleisha are very kind people, Matt is an easy going and calm professional who helped me clear my negative thinking, the pain of loss of my mum and dad and also everyday stress. I have been carrying these for far too long and they were stopping me from living a happy life.
Matt helped me into a very relaxed state and my troubles were erased and now I am at peace !
Do not suffer, do not hold on to pain or get stuck in life when there is help like this at hand ! Thank you Matt and Aleisha. I will never forget what you have done for me.

Kindest regards"

Rob (Client completed our "A Calmer You" Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation Program)

"Honestly, I didn't think I would write a review about hypnotherapy - ever. When I met Matt in our wonderful networking group Tradingmate, I thought to myself "nope not for me. No way will I even try the free intro."
Yet I heard wonderful things and how people overcame anxiety, trauma, addictions, you name it. I started to be curious as I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and I couldn't really figure out why. In the end, I did the free intro and then signed up to do 3 sessions.
I felt so comfortable and all my fear of someone else being in my head or in control were unfounded. After the first session, I didn't really feel much different and I was wondering if it was the right decision. However, the second session blew me away. It is hard to describe how I felt - a mixture of freedom, joy, grace and lightness with a pinch of excitement. You know when you are a little kid and something new is happening? Kinda that feeling because you walk out as a new person somehow. The emotional strings from the past are not there anymore, the memories yes but not the strings that seem to hold you back.
Seriously, try it."

Nicole (Client completed our "A Calmer You" Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation Program)

"My daughter has been kidnapped by her father in the past and even though she’d returned to me and she is now safe, she continued to suffer from anxiety and severe nightmares, causing an increase of her fears during daytime and reluctance to go to sleep at night time. She had had weekly counselling for the past six months, I bought an ‘Angel teddy’ for her and payed for a consult with an overseas ‘nightmare specialist’, however, no intervention could stop her nightmares.
I was tipped to go to a ‘hypnotherapist’ and found Matt on the net. I was a bit reluctant, as he was a man and I wasn’t sure if my daughter would rapport to him. But the first session I could stay in the same room with her, which made her feel safe. Matt videotapes all his sessions for security reasons as well as having his team member Aleisha there at the counter.
After the first session, my daughter was able to sleep again before 10pm, in her own bed instead of mine. Two days later, after the second session, she no longer suffered from the nightmares and reported to have had a ‘good night of sleep’. In the third session she reported to me she was able to deeply relax and afterwards she started working on a ‘happy diary’. She still feels anxious now and then, but her overall wellbeing has improved so much in just a week time and three treatments, it’s amazing. And the best thing is: no more nightmares. ‘Helping Hand’ supported the increasement of wellbeing and happiness of my eleven-year-old daughter for which I am very grateful."

Alice (Client's daughter completed our "A Calmer You" Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation Program)

"Have had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy with Matt so far and it has been truly life changing for me. I feel so much more positive and confident within myself. I am able to completely relax myself at any moment. In our most recent session I felt a massive weight come off my shoulders. Looking forward to the remaining sessions. I have spent years going to psychology appointments and feel I have had alot more benefit from my short time with Matt. Thank you so much for helping me. Extremely grateful for the experience."

Kimberly (Client completed our Depression Program)

"As a smoker of 40 years, I never thought quitting was an option. Having previously tried many ways to quit including medications and patches, I had heard from a friend who had success in hypnotherapy to quit smoking but was unconvinced that it would work for me.  For all of my smoking life I always had the feeling that if I wasn’t a smoker my life would be better including such things as my health and my relationships with people. Within Matt’s sessions of the hypnotherapy for quitting smoking with I gained a healthier mindset to overcome the addiction. Now as a smoke free person I have a clearer, healthier mind and a lot more confidence within myself.   As I went through these sessions Matt discovered some deeper rooted problems and emotions from my childhood that had been weighing me down for over 50 years. Matt taught me certain ways that I am able to come to terms to accept these traumas and feel comfortable about my past. I was able to detach the emotions that came with the traumas and have relief to move forward in my life. As of today I am a much more happy, self-assured and optimistic person. My close family who surround me have mentioned straight away that they can see a difference in both my emotional and physical state. They say I have become a lot more confident and appear to have a much more peaceful mind. Thank-you, Matt and Aleisha" Jennifer (Client completed our "Quit Smoking for Life" Program)

"This has been the most amazing experience, I was sceptical of being hypnotised, but I took a leap of faith and was put into the professional hands of Matthew Savant, my main goal was to quit smoking, after years of trying everything I was unsuccessful until now, I had 3 sessions with Matthew and it has been the most rewarding move I have ever done, I am a NON-SMOKER, with Matts professionalism and experience he has helped me in so many other ways as-well, highly recommended to all! Every session brings positivity and it has truly helped me with my personal life as-well. Thank-you Matt!"
Leigh Stephensen (Client completed our "Quit Smoking for Life" Program)

"I went to Matt, for help with quitting smoking, I was a 20 plus smoker a day, for the last 33 years.
I am not sure if I can explain how it worked, but it did and is still working, and have not smoked or actually felt like a cigarette for over a month now.
Even after a month the positives are amazing, the most positive for myself is the empowerment it has given me, I am sure it is different for everyone, but I assure you the journey of beating this addiction is something I did not think possible.
Thank you Matt"


'I was looking into psychotherapy to deal with my trauma's. However, I felt reluctant seeing a psychologist, going into town session after session. Then 'hypnotherapy' at 'Helping Hand' crossed my path and I was especially attracted by the idea that I didn't need therapy for weeks without end. Already after the first session I felt so much lighter and energized, so I knew it was working and I had made the right choice. Matt was also able to install a powerful tool that I, after practicing, can access now at all times to feel calm and relaxed. It is really amazing. Matt and Aleisha really collaborate as a team and what I especially like in my conversations with Matt, is that I can sense that he lives what he advises for support in life. He's been there, he's seen it and has overcome his troubles. This makes him a reliable person. Thank you for sharing your own experiences and using them to empower and help other people.'

Client chose to remain anonymous

"I had no idea in how many areas of life hypnotherapy could help me, seriously! The initial intro session was a great way to get to know Matt and hypnotherapy in general, took away any concerns I might have had. Now I am on my journey and feel so empowered, relieved, supported and free to make better choices for myself. Matt and Aleisha are an outstanding team that I am so grateful to have found. Try this if you are serious about wanting to tackle an area in your life where you feel stuck, whatever it is!"


"Hypnotherapy is something I really didn’t understand but had heard so many great testimonials about and felt I had a deep connection with. I personally went in for a free intro with Matt recently and the trigger we installed was a deep trance that I can activate and turn off myself, it’s been wonderful for my morning & evening ritual of meditations and chanting.
I have already started referring friends to Matt for help with quitting smoking but he covers a huge range areas.
The thing that really makes a difference with Matt in my opinion is his energy as a person, he emanates powerful grounded energy which to me shows the work he has done on himself over the years and the experience he has in holding space for others to transform. I am also very inspired by both Aleisha and Matt as a couple who work together to live their best life, it’s so important when helping others to walk the talk yourself and they are both full of integrity which to me is a very valuable quality."


"If anyone is wanting to make changes in their life but is struggling- I highly recommend Matt from Helping Hand Hypnotherapy. My partner has just finished a couple of sessions with him and is absolutely amazed at how differently he feels now. He primarily went to see him for assitance with giving up smoking but they looked deeper into more issues as well. His office is in Westcourt, so nice and central. Definitely recommend! Matt also did some sessions with me and helped me with hormonal imbalance, sleeping, neck tension and sex drive. I feel amazing!"

Kayla Stubbs

"I just had the best mind blowing experience today. I went to see Matthew Savant at 
Helping Hand Hypnotherapy. I have always been interested in this type of therapy and it really cemented my reason why I'm going.
I have never felt more aligned and centred with myself. I feel total clarity. I absolutely recommend you go and see Matt for well just about anything. You won't be disappointed.
Thank-you for such a wonderful experience. You will see me again

"A very valuable and professional first hand experience of hypnotherapy for myself. I went away feeling uplifted and began to see results of the hypnotherapy in only a few hours after my session. It taught me to begin to think differently about the grief I am experiencing following the passing of my Father, as well as reprogramming my thoughts. I would highly recommend Matt. Thankyou for this experience."

"Matthew Savant recently conducted a relaxation session for Little Diggers Community Centre Inc. It was wonderful. Cannot recommend highly enough. Great individual running it - so personable that within minutes you feel like you have known him for ages even in a group setting. I think that this is very important when teaching relaxation techniques. Thank you Helping Hand Hypnotherapy!"

​Leah Merrick