Cairns hypnotherapy treatments address issues quickly and effectively, at the sub-conscious level. Suitable for many different conditions, it’s pain and drug free. Heal your mind.

Cairns Hypnotherapy Treatments That Work

Our Cairns hypnotherapy treatments work. We’ve been successfully supporting and treating clients for almost a decade. With a swag of 5-star reviews and customer testimonials, our business has grown largely by word of mouth. We know that some people are hesitant about hypnotherapy and what ‘it’s all about’, that’s why we provide each new client a FREE introductory session.

Some of the many conditions we can assist with include weight-loss, quit smoking, phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and more. We also do this, as quickly as possible.

In fact, a recent international study found that hypnotherapy achieved a 93% success rate after just 6 sessions. This is compared to behavior therapy, 72% after 22 sessions, and psychotherapy which had 38% after 600 sessions. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us today on 0438 717 413. We look forward to working with you.


Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking! It’s the right decision for your health and your hip pocket. We’ve helped many clients quit smoking for life.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight! We’ll help you make the changes you desire, with our Cairns hypnotherapy weight shedding programs. They work!

Stress & Anxiety

Stress Less. Our stress, anxiety and relaxation programs will provide relief from those crippling conditions. Help you be a ‘calmer you’.

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Sleep Better. Lack of sleep due to insomnia and other issues wreaks havoc on your mind and body. We can help you sleep better.

Fears & Phobias

Be Free of Fear. Our experienced Cairns hypnotherapist will work with you, helping you to overcome your fears and phobias.


Address Depression. Hypnotherapy is a powerful, drug-free tool for depression and anxiety. Re-wire your mind to see the positive.

Addictions & Habits

Addiction hypnotherapy will help you kick the habit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Be free from your addictions. We’ll help you, get your mind right.

Study & Exams

Study Clarity. In our Cairns hypnotherapy sessions, we’ll work with your subconscious mind, ensuring your learning and memory is sharp.


Helping You Make Change. We support our clients with professional hypnotherapy, giving them the freedom to live their best life.

Our Cairns Hypnotherapy Treatments

Our experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist Matt Savant is passionate about helping people heal their minds. He uses hypnotherapy and hypnosis to work with the subconscious, removing negative beliefs, habits and programming.

He knows hypnosis is very effective at placing a client in a state of mind, which allows other therapies to be applied quickly and easily. To maximise client outcomes from our Cairns hypnotherapy treatments, Matt also has extensive experience and study in many other modalities. He will choose the best treatment, and combination of modalities, to address your presenting concerns and conditions.

Helping Hand Hypnotherapy will help you make permanent and positive change in your life. We provide personalised service, delivered with a deep and shared commitment to helping our clients be the best they can.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of focus where all thoughts and distractions fade away. Our Cairns hypnotherapist will assist you to enter into this state, where suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious mind.

The suggestions and changes made whilst in hypnosis, are hundreds of times more powerful than suggestions made in the waking state. It enables the hypnotherapist to support you, on making the changes you want to make. This includes removing / replacing any unwanted beliefs you have, which are not assisting you in the direction you want to go.

Hypnosis is particularly helpful in treating conditions and behaviors that have an emotional or psychological origin. Such as stress, anxiety and depression, but also habits such as smoking and over-eating, fears and phobias. If you are still undecided if our Cairns hypnotherapy treatments are for you, contact us today to arrange a free introductory session.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can highly recommend everyone take advantage of the free introduction appointment with Matt. I am looking forward to delving deeper into some things that may be holding me back. You need help to figure out what can be going on with your subconscious mind that can be stopping you from reaching your goals.


Mindset is critical - 80% of everything, 20% skill set. It’s so important to have the Grey matter in the right attitude space and these guys are the bomb.


I love the ideals behind this service, getting the unconscious blockers removed and redirecting your path is their passion and their reward is happy and balanced clients! Great job guys.


Had an amazing morning with Matt for our session. What an amazing experience. Of course I was a little nervous, but excited and had an open mind too and I was just blown away with how quickly I seemed to relax and and concentrate and really connect with his words. I can't wait to put these new learnt skills into practice. Thank you Matt for an excellent morning.


I had no idea in how many areas of life hypnotherapy could help me, seriously! The initial intro session was a great way to get to know Matt and hypnotherapy in general, took away any concerns I might have had. Now I am on my journey and feel so empowered, relieved, supported and free to make better choices for myself. Matt and Aleisha are an outstanding team that I am so grateful to have found. Try this if you are serious about wanting to tackle an area in your life where you feel stuck, whatever it is!


This has been the most amazing experience, I was skeptical of being hypnotised, but I took a leap of faith and was put into the professional hands of Matthew Savant, my main goal was to quit smoking, after years of trying everything I was unsuccessful until now, I had 3 sessions with Matthew and it has been the most rewarding move I have ever done, I am a NON-SMOKER, with Matt's professionalism and experience he has helped me in so many other ways as-well, highly recommended to all! Every session brings positivity and it has truly helped me with my personal life as-well. Thank-you Matt!


Hynotherapy is a great tool to help assist in a variety of situations. I used it years ago to help with some weight loss and I know others who've had great success quitting smoking. Helping Hand Hypnotherapy have an excellent reputation and can set you on the right path to achieve your goals.


Matt and Aleisha are very kind people, Matt is an easy going and calm professional who helped me clear my negative thinking, the pain of loss of my mum and dad and also everyday stress. I have been carrying these for far too long and they were stopping me from living a happy life. Matt helped me into a very relaxed state and my troubles were erased and now I am at peace! Do not suffer, do not hold on to pain or get stuck in life when there is help like this at hand! Thank you Matt and Aleisha. I will never forget what you have done for me.


Firstly, Matt & Aleisha provide a welcoming and comfortable environment to help you relax. Secondly, Matt carefully explains the whole process and listens to your needs in the free introductory session. Matt then tailor made our sessions to suit me. There is a genuine and passionate desire to help their clients succeed - it is working for me! Thank you Matt & Aleisha.


Can't believe I waited this long to try Hypnotherapy! So grateful to Matt and his amazing receptionist Aleisha at Helping Hand Hypnotherapy. Both incredibly professional and welcoming. I was a little nervous and skeptical when I went in for the free intro as I'd gone to another hypnotherapist years previously, with no success. Matt immediately had me at ease, and I was successfully hypnotised in the intro session. The value I got out of the free intro session was phenomenal, and I'm now halfway through a plan and seeing fantastic results in all areas of my life! I will continue to recommend Matt to everyone I know so he can help them get their mind right!


When you need to get below the surface to resolve a stubborn pattern that is holding you back or pulling you down. Helping hand Hypnotherapy are the people you need!


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