Addiction hypnotherapy Cairns will help you kick the habit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Be free from your addictions. We'll help you, get your mind right.

Cairns Addiction Hypnotherapy Treatments

Our Cairns addiction hypnotherapy treatments are designed to help you break free from your addiction. This can cover many areas of life, including but not limited to alcohol addiction, internet and social media addiction, gambling addiction, smoking and much more.

Addiction can destroy relationships and lives. If you gamble it can lead to financial ruin. Drug and alcohol addictions impact on family life and careers. What starts as an enjoyable, social pastime can escalate to a damaging habit or addiction.

We offer help with addiction. Working with you to understand the cause and triggers behind the addiction, then using hypnosis to address these factors and provide suggestions to the subconscious mind for positive behaviours.

Hypnosis has a proven success rate for addiction, in clinical trials in the US. So, when enough is enough and you want to stop, Helping Hand Hypnotherapy can help. Call 0438 717 413.


Honestly, I didn't think I would write a review about hypnotherapy - ever. When I met Matt in our wonderful networking group Tradingmate, I thought to myself "nope not for me. No way will I even try the free intro." Yet I heard wonderful things of how people overcame anxiety, trauma, addictions, you name it. I started to be curious, as I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and I couldn't really figure out why. In the end, I did the free intro and then signed up to do 3 sessions. I felt so comfortable and all my fear of someone else being in my head, or in control, were unfounded. After the first session I didn't really feel much different, and was wondering if it was the right decision. However, the second session blew me away. It is hard to describe how I felt - a mixture of freedom, joy, grace and lightness with a pinch of excitement. You know when you are a little kid and something new is happening? Kinda that feeling because you walk out as a new person somehow. The emotional strings from the past are not there anymore, the memories yes but not the strings that seem to hold you back. Seriously, try it.


As a smoker of 40 years, I never thought quitting was an option. Having previously tried many ways to quit including medications and patches, I had heard from a friend who had success in hypnotherapy to quit smoking but was unconvinced that it would work for me. For all my smoking life I always had the feeling that if I wasn’t a smoker, my life would be better, including such things as my health and my relationships with people. Within Matt’s sessions of the hypnotherapy for quitting smoking, I gained a healthier mindset to overcome the addiction. Now as a smoke free person I have a clearer, healthier mind and a lot more confidence within myself. As I went through these sessions, Matt discovered some deeply rooted problems and emotions from my childhood, that had been weighing me down for over 50 years. Matt taught me certain ways that I’m able to come to terms to accept these traumas and feel comfortable about my past. I was able to detach the emotions that came with the traumas and have relief to move forward in my life. As of today, I am a much more happy, self-assured and optimistic person. My close family mentioned straight away that they can see a difference in both my emotional and physical state. They say I have become a lot more confident and appear to have a much more peaceful mind.


If anyone's considering trying hypnotherapy - for trauma, habits, concentration, stress, phobias, empowerment, you name it - I would absolutely recommend Matt from Helping Hand Hypnotherapy! You'll be in expert hands, his service to and care for his clients is second-to-none and the results you'll see and feel are incredible! In just a few face-to-face sessions and by following Matt's programs, I've seen significant improvements in my productivity, confidence and focus, gained control over my stress and anxiety and have introduced healthy habits into my life that I've never been able to before - all of which I've kept up for over eighteen months! Hypnotherapy was the key to unlocking it all, and I can't thank Matt enough for showing me the power of my subconscious!


Can't believe I waited this long to try Hypnotherapy! So grateful to Matt and his amazing receptionist Aleisha at Helping Hand Hypnotherapy. Both incredibly professional and welcoming. I was a little nervous and sceptical when I went in for the free intro, as I'd gone to another hypnotherapist years previously, with no success. Matt immediately had me at ease and I was successfully hypnotised in the intro session. The value I got out of the free intro session was phenomenal. I'm now halfway through a plan and seeing fantastic results in all areas of my life! I will continue to recommend Matt to everyone I know so he can help them get their mind right!


I had no idea in how many areas of life hypnotherapy could help me, seriously! The intro session was a great way to get to know Matt and hypnotherapy in general. It took away any concerns I might have had. Now I am on my journey and feel so empowered, relieved, supported and free to make better choices for myself. Matt and Aleisha are an outstanding team that I am so grateful to have found. Try this if you are serious about wanting to tackle an area in your life where you feel stuck, whatever it is!


When you need to get below the surface to resolve a stubborn pattern that is holding you back, or pulling you down, Helping Hand Hypnotherapy are the people you need!


This has been the most amazing experience. I was sceptical of being hypnotised, but I took a leap of faith and was put into the professional hands of Matthew Savant. My main goal was to quit smoking, after years of trying everything I was unsuccessful until now. I had 3 sessions with Matthew and it has been the most rewarding move I have ever done, I am now a NON-SMOKER. With Matt’s professionalism and experience, he has helped me in so many other ways as-well, highly recommended to all! Every session brings positivity and it has truly helped me with my personal life as-well. Thank-you Matt!


Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help assist in a variety of situations. I used it years ago to help with some weight loss and I know others who have had great success quitting smoking. Helping Hand Hypnotherapy have an excellent reputation and can set you on the right path to achieve your goals.


Having a passion for alternative health therapies, I really appreciate how these guys can help people break their bad habits and limiting beliefs. A service I definitely recommend. Worth investigating further.


Firstly, Matt & Aleisha provide a welcoming and comfortable environment to help you relax. Secondly, Matt carefully explains the whole process and listens to your needs in the free introductory session. Matt then tailor made our sessions to suit me. There is a genuine and passionate desire to help their clients succeed [and] it is working for me! Thank you Matt & Aleisha.


Addiction Hypnotherapy Cairns, How It Works

Addiction starts in the mind. Sometimes, depending on the nature of your addiction, it can lead to a physical dependency as can be the case for drugs and prescription pain killers. However, the origin is the mind.

To briefly explain how your mind works; you have two minds, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is like a small computer, it can only handle a very limited amount of information and number of tasks per second. The subconscious mind is like a very large computer, it can handle a huge amount of information per minute, scientists say about 2-11 million bits of information per minute. How does this relate to habits and addictions? When you start doing a new task (like smoking, over-eating, drinking too much alcohol and more) and you keep repeating it, then after 21 to 28 days the subconscious mind takes the task over to free up the conscious mind.

Once it’s moved to the subconscious mind it is a habit and becomes really powerful. If later you decide it’s not a habit you want, it can be very hard, in many cases impossible to remove or change on your own. Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we can help you into the state of mind where we can make suggestions to your subconscious. These suggestions are very powerful and can help change addictions and habits, replacing them with positive behaviours and patterns.

We also provide you with take home tools, helping you to stay strong and enjoy a clear and focused mind. The process is different for everyone. If you are wondering if our Cairns addiction hypnotherapy treatments can help you, contact us today to arrange a free trial session. Help is at hand.

Cairns Addiction Hypnotherapy Can Help

Addiction can manifest in a wide range of behaviours and substances. What may start as a ‘good time’, can escalate into a damaging habit or addiction. Our Cairns addictions hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatments can help with many different forms of addiction, including but not limited to the below.

  • Cigarettes and Smoking
  • Alcohol and Soft Drinks
  • Drugs and Prescription Pain Killers
  • Gambling, Pokies and Gaming
  • Coffee and Sugar
  • Sex and Pornography
  • Eating and Energy Drinks
  • Working and Exercise
  • Shopping and Spending

At Helping Hand Hypnotherapy we’re committed to supporting our clients, helping them to break free of damaging addictions and behaviours. Unbinding the mental ties and empowering them to lead positive, healthy lives. For more information on our addiction hypnotherapy treatments Cairns, or to book a free introductory session, contact us on 0438 717 413.

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