Cairns hypnotherapy treatments for fears and phobias. We’ll help you make the changes you desire, to become fear free. No drugs. Just clarity and results.

Hypnotherapy Treatments, Fears & Phobias

Our Cairns hypnotherapy treatments for fears and phobias are tailored to meet each individual’s presenting circumstances. Everyone has a trigger, which has occurred at some stage in their lifetime, resulting in their fear or phobia.

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we’re able to access those past memories and triggers, in a safe and un-confronting environment. Once we know what they are, we can remove them from your subconscious and provide a pathway to overcoming your fear and/or phobia.

Some of the most common issues we have helped to address with our Cairns hypnotherapy treatments for fears and phobias, include: flying / planes; heights; spiders / snakes; enclosed spaces. We have even helped a client who was petrified of puppies. For more information contact us today on 0438 717 413.


I heard about Matt through a mutual friend and booked a session. He worked with me to remove the traumatic incident, he also programmed me to get excited about my trip every time I heard a plane fly over. One month later I'm in London and I rang Matt to tell him how successful it was and how I just booked a flight to Paris because I am now so comfortable and happy to fly! I flew easily without any hint of the stress and anxiety, I'm over the moon about how well this worked, I now have a list of places to visit and I'm ecstatic about my future of travel! Thank you so much Matt!


I was recently nominated for a business award that required a 10-minute verbal presentation, to a judging panel. At first thought of this I felt my stomach do back flips, I had sweaty palms, overwhelming thoughts of self-doubt and just an overall rush of panic and nausea. (The usual for me with public speaking.) That night I was distracting myself and scrolling through Instagram to see a post by Helping Hand Hypnotherapy about public speaking pop up. It instantly grabbed my attention. Matt and Aleisha are fantastic. I completed a 3 session program that following week, and well long story short, I not only won the award of 2018 Cairns Small Business Woman of the Year, but delivered an acceptance speech to over 250 people with some on the spot jokes thrown in, cause I felt so calm and collected. I honestly can't thank Matt enough for changing my life not only in that area but many others too. Look forward to seeing you again.


Firstly, Matt & Aleisha provide a welcoming and comfortable environment to help you relax. Secondly, Matt carefully explains the whole process and listens to your needs in the free introductory session. Matt then tailor made our sessions to suit me. There is a genuine and passionate desire to help their clients succeed [and] it is working for me! Thank you Matt & Aleisha.


Such a wonderful first experience. Very relaxed. I felt at ease the minute I walked into the office. It is something hard to describe, but the total feeling afterwards was refreshed, energised, relaxed, happy, inspired, I could go on. Don't hesitate, book in to have your own experience, you won't regret it. Thanks ever so much.


I love the ideals behind this service, getting the unconscious blockers removed and redirecting your path is their passion and their reward is happy and balanced clients! Great job guys.


I had no idea in how many areas of life hypnotherapy could help me, seriously! The intro session was a great way to get to know Matt and hypnotherapy in general. It took away any concerns I might have had. Now I am on my journey and feel so empowered, relieved, supported and free to make better choices for myself. Matt and Aleisha are an outstanding team that I am so grateful to have found. Try this if you are serious about wanting to tackle an area in your life where you feel stuck, whatever it is!


The free introduction session blew my mind! A little nervous to start with, but Matt is thorough in his explanations, and his practices are amazing. I was a little sceptical, as I'd seen a hypnotherapist before, with no results, but I'm so glad I went to see Matt! Will definitely be back.


Mindset is critical - 80% of everything, 20% skill set. It’s so important to have the grey matter in the right attitude space and these guys are the bomb.


I had a wonderful experience with Matt, who explain how hypnotherapy works in a way that put me completely at ease. I came out of it with a better way to release stress and refocus.


Hypnotherapy Treatments & How They Work

We are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears are often a response to traumatic experiences, that we accumulate through our lifetime. In some cases that fear can become out of proportion, turning into a phobia.

When do you know if your fears and phobias are impacting your life? When you start to make decisions, which impact your ability to live life, and enjoy experiences and activities, as a result of those fears. For example, you want to see the world, but are too scared to get on a plane. Help is at hand for your fears and phobias, with our Cairns hypnotherapy treatments.

Don’t be trapped any longer. Contact Helping Hand Hypnotherapy to book one of our free, introductory consultations on 0438 717 413.

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