Cairns stress and anxiety hypnotherapy treatments. We’ll work with you, teaching you to release your mind, letting it be clear and free. A calmer you.

Our Cairns Stress and Anxiety Treatments

Our Cairns stress and anxiety hypnotherapy treatments are based around providing our clients, the ability to relax and access relief anywhere and anytime.

If you suffer from chronic or acute anxiety, we’re sure you’ve had people tell you to ‘just relax’. The only problem is, no one has ever taught you how to relax. Indeed, for some people, relaxing is what they do on their holidays once a year (if they are lucky).

The hypnotic state is a place of mental freedom and clarity. Most clients report that when they are in a hypnotic state, “they have never felt so relaxed”. That their minds didn’t have any thoughts and it was just “clear and free”. We’ll not only help you achieve this with our Cairns stress and anxiety hypnotherapy treatments, we’ll show you how it do it at home too. For more information contact us today on 0438 717 413.


I would like everybody to know about Helping Hand Hypnotherapy. Matt and Aleisha are very kind people, Matt is an easy going and calm professional who helped me clear my negative thinking, the pain of loss of my Mum and Dad and also everyday stress. I have been carrying these for far too long and they were stopping me from living a happy life. Matt helped me into a very relaxed state and my troubles were erased. Now I am at peace! Do not suffer, do not hold on to pain or get stuck in life when there is help like this at hand! Thank you Matt and Aleisha. I will never forget what you have done for me.


I have had anxiety issues for some time, for no reason I could work out. I also had what I would call ‘flashbacks’ of things that had upset me in the past, one from when I was very young. Another problem I had was disturbed sleep, where I would wake up in the middle of the night and my mind would not stop going round and round. Luckily, I found Helping Hand Hypnotherapy and Matt. In only three sessions he has changed my life for the better. After the first session, the huge weight I had been mentally carrying around disappeared and I felt lighter and happier. In the second session we tackled my ‘flashbacks’ and they also are no more. The third session was a ‘fine tuning’ of everything and a ‘wash up’ of the few remaining issues. I was surprised at how gentle and easy it was. In the past, doing other therapies, I always left feeling tired and upset, but at the end of each session with Matt I felt energized and deeply happy. Other great additional things from Matt was that he gave me a track he made, which Aleisha kindly loaded onto my phone to listen to, and techniques for me to practice to ensure that I can maintain my calm and anxiety free life in the future and do not depend on him, though I know he is always there if I need his assistance.


If anyone's considering trying hypnotherapy - for trauma, habits, concentration, stress, phobias, empowerment, you name it - I would absolutely recommend Matt from Helping Hand Hypnotherapy! You'll be in expert hands, his service to and care for his clients is second-to-none and the results you'll see and feel are incredible! In just a few face-to-face sessions and by following Matt's programs, I've seen significant improvements in my productivity, confidence and focus, gained control over my stress and anxiety and have introduced healthy habits into my life that I've never been able to before - all of which I've kept up for over eighteen months! Hypnotherapy was the key to unlocking it all, and I can't thank Matt enough for showing me the power of my subconscious!


My daughter has been kidnapped by her father in the past, and even though she’d returned to me and she is now safe, she continued to suffer from anxiety and severe nightmares. This caused an increase of her fears during daytime and reluctance to go to sleep at night time. She had had weekly counselling for the past six months. I bought an ‘Angel Teddy’ for her and paid for a consult with an overseas ‘nightmare specialist’. However, no intervention could stop her nightmares. I was tipped to go to a ‘hypnotherapist’ and found Matt on the net. I was a bit reluctant, as he was a man and I wasn’t sure if my daughter would rapport to him. But the first session I could stay in the same room with her, which made her feel safe. Matt videotapes all his sessions for security reasons as well as having his team member Aleisha there at the counter. After the first session, my daughter was able to sleep again before 10pm, in her own bed instead of mine. Two days later, after the second session, she no longer suffered from the nightmares and reported to have had a ‘good night of sleep’. In the third session she reported to me she was able to deeply relax and afterwards she started working on a ‘happy diary’. She still feels anxious now and then, but her overall wellbeing has improved so much in just a week time and three treatments, it’s amazing. And the best thing is: no more nightmares. ‘Helping Hand’ supported the increasement of wellbeing and happiness of my eleven-year-old daughter for which I am very grateful.


So just recently I realised how easy I was managing life, how smooth things are going. Of course life isn't perfect, but I seem to find strategies to handle all situations with ease. After many years of anxiety after losing my son to suicide, I struggled just to breath some days. Getting through the day was tricky. Wall came up when dealing with almost anything in life, but I remained positive I could heal with natural resources. Well a year ago I did some sessions with Matt to help me get me back and he gave me amazing strategies to back up my hypnosis treatments in between sessions. I can't express enough how much value it's brought into my daily life. Thank you Matt and Aleisha for the magic of you guys and your treatments.


Have had two sessions of hypnotherapy with Matt so far and it has been truly life changing for me. I feel so much more positive and confident within myself. I’m able to completely relax myself at any moment. In our most recent session, I felt a massive weight come off my shoulders. Looking forward to the remaining sessions. I have spent years going to psychology appointments and feel I have had a lot more benefit from my short time with Matt. Thank you so much for helping me. Extremely grateful for the experience.


It had been a while since I first experienced hypnosis through Matt at Helping Hand Hypnotherapy. However, I continue to utilise the simple techniques Matt provided me under hypnosis. Techniques which have been invaluable to me. I highly recommend anyone seeking help of this kind to contact their office today.


Firstly, Matt & Aleisha provide a welcoming and comfortable environment to help you relax. Secondly, Matt carefully explains the whole process and listens to your needs in the free introductory session. Matt then tailor made our sessions to suit me. There is a genuine and passionate desire to help their clients succeed [and] it is working for me! Thank you Matt & Aleisha.


Such a wonderful first experience. Very relaxed. I felt at ease the minute I walked into the office. It is something hard to describe, but the total feeling afterwards was refreshed, energised, relaxed, happy, inspired, I could go on. Don't hesitate, book in to have your own experience, you won't regret it. Thanks ever so much.


Mindset is critical - 80% of everything, 20% skill set. It’s so important to have the grey matter in the right attitude space and these guys are the bomb.


Honestly, I didn't think I would write a review about hypnotherapy - ever. When I met Matt in our wonderful networking group Tradingmate, I thought to myself "nope not for me. No way will I even try the free intro." Yet I heard wonderful things of how people overcame anxiety, trauma, addictions, you name it. I started to be curious, as I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and I couldn't really figure out why. In the end, I did the free intro and then signed up to do 3 sessions. I felt so comfortable and all my fear of someone else being in my head, or in control, were unfounded. After the first session I didn't really feel much different, and was wondering if it was the right decision. However, the second session blew me away. It is hard to describe how I felt - a mixture of freedom, joy, grace and lightness with a pinch of excitement. You know when you are a little kid and something new is happening? Kinda that feeling because you walk out as a new person somehow. The emotional strings from the past are not there anymore, the memories yes but not the strings that seem to hold you back. Seriously, try it.


There are so many amazing styles of self-help to choose from and for me personally I enjoyed this method a lot. It might not be for everyone, but worth trying to find your groove. They got me on the path of tapping into different styles of self-help meditation and taking action towards my business goals (business owners, definitely worth the try if you're feeling stuck). Thanks again guys!


Hypnotherapy Treatments & How They Work

There are many types and causes of stress and anxiety. The most common, are to do with past events, or worry about future events. This over-simplifies things of course, but in essence it’s to do with nagging and lingering thoughts, that escalate.

These conditions and states of mind can be effectively eased and supported, with our Cairns stress and anxiety hypnotherapy treatments. How do they work? Through our hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we support you to deal with past traumas and unrealistic worries. Once we’ve ‘dealt’ with these, your mind stops reliving the past or perceived futures. You become a much calmer and relaxed person. Your mind become less busy. Your stress and anxiety diminishes.

If you’re unsure if our Cairns stress and anxiety hypnotherapy treatments are for you, contact us today to book a free introductory session.

A Calmer You: Stress, Anxiety & Relaxation

Relaxation at your fingertips! At Helping Hand Hypnotherapy, we take the time to install and teach the ‘self trance’ ability to every client who wants it. As we believe the ability to relax and access stress and anxiety relief anywhere, anytime, is an amazing skill to have.

If you over worry, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool. By changing the way you look at things and deal with events (past, current, future or perceived), it can help to relieve your feelings toward them.

During our ‘A Calmer You’ Cairns stress, anxiety and relaxation hypnotherapy program, we’ll remove old emotions and baggage. Helping you to enjoy a clear and focused mind.

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