Cairns weight loss hypnotherapy treatments. Helping you make the changes you desire. Remove negative belief systems. Be a healthier you. Guaranteed results.

Cairns Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Treatments

Our Cairns weight loss hypnotherapy treatments are based around addressing issues and creating a good healthy lifestyle. We use hypnosis to bring your mind into a natural state of focus, where suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious mind.

Suggestions based around life affirming beliefs, healthy food and drink choices, a love of exercise and being calm and relaxed. This not only helps you lose weight, it also improves your mind and overall health and longevity, empowering you to reconnect with that original you.

Our Cairns weight loss hypnotherapy treatments provide lasting lifestyle change, rather than a fad diet or perhaps unsustainable exercise activities. Don’t hesitate, lose weight today! Sign up to our Weight Shedding and Healthy Lifestyle Program. For more information contact us today on 0438 717 413. We look forward to working with you.


The sessions, ‘homework’ support materials and recipes really helped me to stay on track and to lose 15kg over 7 months. I feel so much better physically and have clearer, calmer thinking. I had tried using ‘willpower’ over the years, but it wasn’t effective for long term weight loss and calmer thinking. The subconscious approach through hypnotherapy really worked for me. I would wholeheartedly recommend Helping Hand Hypnotherapy to anyone wanting to lose weight, reduce inflammation, cope with stress and increase their ability to find a better work / life balance.


I'm so very grateful you have both come into my life! I cannot give you enough praise! People who have only known me since the start of my business journey have commented how much I've grown in the short time they've known me. I strongly believe this is a reflection of your program! My goals aren't just "dreams", they're happening, and I believe it's because of the program setting me up for success. I no longer NEED to sleep 8+ hours. I now wake up REFRESHED. I used to be able to sleep 12-15 hours PER NIGHT and would wake up exhausted. At the start, I kept my normal bed time of 8pm, and would wake up at 1-2am because I was actually rested enough and didn't need to sleep to heal anymore, because the "toxic inflammatory death crap" wasn't in my system! So I'd go to the gym at 3am - never would've thought that I'd be at the gym at 3am! (Or at all!) My self confidence (including public speaking!) has exploded the roof off what I thought I was capable of! 6 months ago I would have run out of a room if you asked me to speak! My resting heart rate (tracked) has gone from 110-120bpm average, down to 70-79bpm average. My waking heart rate has gone from 79-85bpm average, to as low as 59-65bpm average. I have reports on my fitness tracker and wouldn't believe the results if they aren't in front of my eyes! There's literally too many areas in my life to express how much you have helped me! Health, confidence, weight, stress and anxiety, PTSD triggers, goal setting, business and personal development... you get the picture, and I'm now rambling. From the bottom of my heart - thank you doesn't feel like it's enough, but THANK YOU Helping Hand Hypnotherapy.


I just needed to express my profound gratitude to you both, for the impact you have had in steering me toward a more healthy life, and giving me the skills to give it my best shot! Matt, you are extremely gifted, and very good at what you do, and you do it well! Aleisha, the support and compassion you offer, with strength and grace, is also gratefully acknowledged! I look forward to using the wonderful gift of trance, on a daily basis, to become the best that I can be! Thanky ou both for coming into my life at exactly the right moment!


Over the years I tried every diet you can think of, it would work for a while but as soon as I stopped I put the weight back on, plus some. I felt like a failure, I would then beat myself up over it in my head and move onto the next one, trying to convince myself that "this one would work". I was spending thousands of dollars and spiralling into depression, I felt like a yo-yo on ground-hog day, back and forth but not moving forward. Then I found Matt, with his background in health and fitness he was an obvious choice. I was sceptical but after all my diet failures I was desperate to try a different approach. On my first visit Matt made me feel very comfortable and safe. After the session I felt like a burden had lifted from my shoulders and I had new-found positivity and motivation I had never experienced before. Now 3 months and 6 hypnotherapy sessions later I've shed over 15kg's and it's still coming off until I reach my goal weight which he's hypnotically suggested for me to maintain healthily and consistently. The best part is I'm not on a diet, I have made lifestyle changes and I now make better food choices. I'm exercising regularly and loving it, have so much energy and I'm so positive about life and my future. Thank you so much and hypnotherapy are amazing!"


Have had two sessions of hypnotherapy with Matt so far and it has been truly life changing for me. I feel so much more positive and confident within myself. I’m able to completely relax myself at any moment. In our most recent session, I felt a massive weight come off my shoulders. Looking forward to the remaining sessions. I have spent years going to psychology appointments and feel I have had a lot more benefit from my short time with Matt. Thank you so much for helping me. Extremely grateful for the experience.


If anyone's considering trying hypnotherapy - for trauma, habits, concentration, stress, phobias, empowerment, you name it - I would absolutely recommend Matt from Helping Hand Hypnotherapy! You'll be in expert hands, his service to and care for his clients is second-to-none and the results you'll see and feel are incredible! In just a few face-to-face sessions and by following Matt's programs, I've seen significant improvements in my productivity, confidence and focus, gained control over my stress and anxiety and have introduced healthy habits into my life that I've never been able to before - all of which I've kept up for over eighteen months! Hypnotherapy was the key to unlocking it all, and I can't thank Matt enough for showing me the power of my subconscious!


Matt was very personable and easy to talk to. He gave me the motivation I needed to improve my health and lifestyle. I definitely recommend Matt as a professional person, who knows what he's doing


Having a passion for alternative health therapies, I really appreciate how these guys can help people break their bad habits and limiting beliefs. A service I definitely recommend. Worth investigating further.


I can highly recommend everyone take advantage of the free introduction appointment with Matt. I am looking forward to delving deeper into some things that may be holding me back. You need help to figure out what can be going on with your subconscious mind that can be stopping you from reaching your goals.


Mindset is critical - 80% of everything, 20% skill set. It’s so important to have the grey matter in the right attitude space and these guys are the bomb.


I love the ideals behind this service, getting the unconscious blockers removed and redirecting your path is their passion and their reward is happy and balanced clients! Great job guys.


I had no idea in how many areas of life hypnotherapy could help me, seriously! The intro session was a great way to get to know Matt and hypnotherapy in general. It took away any concerns I might have had. Now I am on my journey and feel so empowered, relieved, supported and free to make better choices for myself. Matt and Aleisha are an outstanding team that I am so grateful to have found. Try this if you are serious about wanting to tackle an area in your life where you feel stuck, whatever it is!


Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help assist in a variety of situations. I used it years ago to help with some weight loss and I know others who have had great success quitting smoking. Helping Hand Hypnotherapy have an excellent reputation and can set you on the right path to achieve your goals.


I highly recommend Matt and Aleisha. They run a very professional, friendly, helpful, warm, safe and inviting environment, that encourages wholesome wellness from the inside out, so we can get on with our lives and fulfil what we want. In other words, just put the past behind us and get on and get stuff done! I can't recommend them highly enough.


If I had known how easy it would be, I would have come sooner. Thank you, Matt, you truly provide a helping hand with skill and care.

Sabine - Owner / Director

Hypnotherapy Treatments & How They Work

How does our Cairns weight loss hypnotherapy treatments and program work? Basically, we address all the factors that can cause weight gain or the lack of ability to lose weight. These include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lack of quality sleep.
  • Stress, anxiety and the flight, fight or freeze response.
  • Emotions and emotional baggage, including past trauma.
  • Lifestyle choices.
  • Programming and beliefs.
  • Inflammatory, toxic and addictive foods.
  • Diets and the yo-yo effect.
  • Liver stress.

There are no diets. Just a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach, that removes negative belief systems and allows your mind to be reprogrammed for a healthier lifestyle. If you’re skeptical, contact us today to arrange a free introductory session.

Our Weight Shedding & Healthy Lifestyle Program

Over 7 x 1.25 hour Cairns weight loss hypnotherapy treatments, we’ll work with you to help you achieve a deep hypnotic state, where change is easy. We will:

  • Find your individual motivations that are causing the problems and remove them.
  • Alter and/or remove your beliefs and triggers about eating, food choices, exercise.
  • Create new habits and subconscious beliefs ensuring that you continue to exercise and make healthy food and drink choices.
  • Find ways for you to get the ‘highs’ from bad food choices through other means.
  • Remove the links between anything that triggers the conscious and subconscious desire to self-sabotage.
  • Support you to become the best version of yourself, that you can be. Lean and healthy, full of energy in both mind and body.

For more information contact us today on 0438 717 413. We look forward to helping you lose weight!

Cairns Weight Shedding Program

At Helping Hand Hypnotherapy, we believe everyone was born with an inbuilt sense to know just what to eat and how much. You may have tried some diets, been on the shakes, fasted etc, only to have gained the weight back. Or, you may have slowly gained the weight over several years.

Fact. 99% of the time, it’s your lifestyle that got you to where you are today. Lifestyle is dictated by choices, many of which are unconscious habits and programming formed throughout your life. Fact. Our Cairns weight loss hypnotherapy treatments can help remove these at a subconscious level.

Some people over-eat. Some are emotional eaters. Some got bigger as a way to protect themselves from an abuser, or to stop attracting unwanted attention. Some just eat the wrong foods through misinformation, poor choices or bad programming. Some people just hate exercise (a form of bad programming)! Our Cairns weight loss hypnotherapy treatments help address these choices, in an effective way.

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